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Gorilla Lawfair Volume I


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This book provides readers with illustrations of hypothetical situations where litigation is required and provides sample arguments in sample motions to give an idea on how these arguments look in their perfected form.

Gorilla Lawfair Volume II


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The companion to Vol I, Volume II contains info on *Roockefeller Drug Law Reform, *Legal Name Changes, *Freedom Of Information Law, *Pre-Sentence Reports, *Enhanced Felony Offender Sentencing, *State Habeas Corpus Proceedings and more.

The Meaning Of Hotep


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All of the major western religions teach that man wound up being cast out of his heavenly abode due to woman's ungodly act of enticing him to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. This book traces the historical records that have left an indelible proof that before God was conceived of in his masculine forms that are known of in the world today, God was primarily worshipped as a woman in her female form